101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
A device (or a room housing a device) that subsonically triggers the pleasure centers of the brain to all who are exposed to it. Maybe triggered by a pressure plate in the center of the room. Imagine- the characters might get caught permanently in the center of the room, unwilling (or unable) to move simply because they're experiencing something akin to an endless, massive orgasm. Sure, they'll die of starvation eventually, or maybe you could have some kind of creature come along and nibble on them first...

A really creepy room with really creepy things the players can explore, play with, or even take with them. Consider your living room, and then imagine if every piece of furniture were made from bone and poorly stretched human hide. That kind of thing.

While in a town buying supplies, looking for work, or relaxing, a wizard in that same town unwittingly opens a singularity bubble in his tower, making the town the focal point of a baby black hole that the whole world is slowly imploding into. (Great start for a new quest.)

The players find themselves face to face with a giant steel double door covered in a series of dark, symmetrically-aligned holes. Opening the door triggers the forty-at-once wheeled arrow battery on the other side to fire it's payload through the door.

A room full of corpses in various states of decay. They can either lay in wait for the moment to rise and attack, or maybe they really are just corpses. Or you could get creative and have them rise up magically, but be nothing more than a puppeteer's toys.

The characters have to get into a building/dungeon/installation. Make the only entrance be through the hopper of an automated meat processing unit. Alarm sounds if they break it. Encourage them to get creative in their attempts to get in without being turned into hamburger.

...Or, maybe the only way to get in to the facility is to "become" one of it's denizens/defenders. This could be as simple as acquiring a uniform, or as sacrificial as being assimilated (cybernetically) or being transformed into something... otherworldly.

A long, windy passage with grates spaced at even intervals along the floor. A closer look will reveal unnaturally smooth walls, the surface almost glassy. Before they get in too far, the door they came through slams shut, opening a wide pipe that starts filling the room with some liquid as all the floor grates seal. The liquid could be simple water, or, if you're feeling particularly nasty, make it something more dangerous, like sulfuric acid. You can also make the door at the other end of the tunnel a puzzle to open too, for added fun and panicking.

A room with dirt/stone walls, like the inside of a cave. Looks totally ordinary, but there could be any number of things hidden behind the walls (large animals/monsters, mining lasers, mechanisms that push the walls together to crush what's in the room, etc.)

Create a big central door with 3-6 keyholes in it. Every key must be inserted in it to get it open. Now hide each of the keys in a different part of the dungeon/facility, either in some really obvious (and therefore irritating) place, like on top of a fireplace mantle, or at the end of some daunting challenge. Whether there's anything good behind this big central door is up to you. There might just be nerve gas behind it or something equally dangerous. It's up to you.

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