101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
A room with eight pools of water and eight flush levers. Pressure plates in the floor allow levers to be used. Seven of them flush the characters into a pit full of water and zombies. One opens the door

A room with an oddly golden haze hanging in it. In the center of the room is a squalling baby on a dias. If the players scoop it up, it smiles and laughs, and then turns into a wad of angry mutant flesh with talons that tries to latch onto faces and whatnot. At that moment, the rest of the room turns into something living, like the inside of a stomach.

A room filled with an odd network of pipes that is so thick it's difficult to move through. Closer inspection reveals some of the pipes are made out of substances other than metal (like skin or wood) and the pipes react to being touched. If threatened in any way, or if the room thinks it can take whoever's in it, it will burst pipes near that person, spraying them with steam, ground glass, acid, or any number of other things the DM can come up with. Dead characters/abandoned objects left in the room are absorbed to make new pipes.

A strobe-lit hall of warped mirrors. Every time the light flashes, something grotesque appears. Add dopplegangers to amp up the fun if you wish.

A door with a large, unusual keyhole. The room is filled with keys and a handful of random objects. All the keys but the proper one are coated in poison (sleep poison, withering, etc. it's up to you) and the proper one turns out to be something really random like a wine bottle (breakable... muhahaha) or a dildo (who's gonna want to touch that?)

A door that's totally barricaded over. If the characters tear down the barricades, they find whatever it is on the other side that the door was barricaded against...

Set up a junction. In one room is a trap/challenge and a locked, unbreakable door but no key. In the other is the key, but it's set on a pedestal in the middle of a cluster of ominous-looking statues of armed warriors who are all staring at it. Whether or not the statues come to life when the key is taken is up to you.

A simple looking room with a locked door and a key on a pedestal. When the characters pick up the key and try to insert it into the lock, it crumbles to dust the instant it touches the keyhole. The real key is still in the room, but it's hidden somewhere, either under the pedestal or under a brick in the floor... the options are endless.

The characters enter a room filled with a hazy blue/red/green mist. It could just be mist, or an illusion, or it could be vampiric, leaching blood (Hit Points) stats, even artifact/item powers. Maybe it makes all gunpowder it touches non-functional- there's a lot of room for creativity here.

Create a trap or situation using something from a different time/dimension. For fantasy settings, throw a couple claymore tripmines at the characters. For futuristic settings, throw a steam-powered monstrosity at them, or something involving magic (like a fireball-hurling mage)

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