101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
A room with a mud floor. He who swims to the bottom and finds the tunnel to the next room escapes

A room filled with sharpened bamboo poles sticking out of the room at evenly spaced intervals, floor to ceiling. There's not really enough room to just slip by, and if one of the poles is touched, it comes alive, dealing 1d4 hp damage to the character.

The players walk into a large room with a large stone ring sticking out of one wall. A equal number of ghostly figures (to characters) step through the wall, one carrying the ball. They're all pretty strong, and it should really be a challenge for the players to beat them, if they do at all. You see, the winners are hauled away and sacrificed, and like Aztec ball players, the ghosts think this honorable death desirable.

A table with two chairs and a statue of a smiling, one-armed hick that comes alive and starts pouring drinks. Outdrink the hick.

A circular man-sized opening/door sweeping down into the floor. It's filled with something sticky and viscous like honey or molasses. Beyond the floor (where it can't be seen except by diving in,) it narrows steadily down to a fist-sized opening with a lever at maximum arm's reach that opens a secret door (leading to the next room) but it's back beyond the mouth of the pipe.

A room full of bouncing basketballs that the players have trouble wading through. In the middle somewhere, balls start shooting in toward the characters at random, hitting them in "stun" type locations, like the face and groin.

A large, olympic-sized pool with a rectangular shape and a rectangular bottom about 12 feet down covered in rusty-looking armor and items, etc. Turns out there's a jelly blob thing down there that's translucent with the gear inside it completely covering the floor up to about two feet from the bottom. It's hungry too, so the characters better watch out!

A room crammed full of rotten barrels filled with decaying dynamite. No room to get around- over is the only way.

The players open a flimsy-looking door and find themselves face to face with a massive, arena-style room packed with an audience of 10-20 thousand hungry zombies.

The players enter an empty room with a slowly strobing light (spell-based or technology, whatever works in your campaign.) what they don't see is the monster/ninja/assassin stuck to the ceiling above them.

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