101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
A curving downward staircase. Pressure plates on the staircase trigger an automated crossbow/weapon at the bottom, making it seem like someone's down there. Turns out it's just a statue wired to shoot bolts/bullets like that. Door through is beside the statue.

A hexagonal room with no obvious way out and an arrow drawn on the floor facing a wall. Secret doors on every wall, each leading to another similar hexagonal room with another random arrow. (You might want to map this out so you don't get lost, even if the players do.) Makes a great maze.

A mimic that has taken the form of a door. (Turning the doorknob might cost a character his hand!) Add splintered wood bits around the door to give the characters a "hint" or just throw them off.

A jelly/blob creature partway through a door. (About a foot sticking out.) Turns out that it's just the "tip of the iceberg" as it were, a little piece that had to go somewhere, because the 1000 x 1000 ft room on the other side is already packed completely full with this thing's enormous bulk.

A room with yellow lines that border the walls and break for spaces at even intervals 2-3 times. Where the lines break, there's a pressure sensitive trap that spins the entire section of hallway to the left and ejects the character down into a pit of some kind or another (add punjees, zombies, monsters, etc. to receive them when they hit if appropriate.

A room with a ragged, bottomless-looking hole in the center. Closer inspection reveals massive toothmarks on the edge of the hole, and a deep breathing sound coming from far down in the bottom. Great to scare your characters. Add giant man-eating wyrm for a little more spice.

A circular room with a fountain in the center of it. Looks like the floor is covered with about a foot of water and gold coins are spread across the bottom. Turns out to be an illusion- the water is actually more like ten feet deep with something scary and hungry at the bottom (like tentacles and a big toothy mouth or another ooze or a horde of water-bloated zombies)

A door with multiple knobs. Wrong knobs trigger traps.

A long maze of gooey yellow sponge passages just large enough for one person to crawl through. Starts to shrink and harden if players take too long to get through

A room full of bubbles that show the players' nightmares, bad memories and fears to them

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