101 traps and puzzles

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Traps and Puzzles

Eyeing for the perfect trap, puzzle or tricks to keep your friends eventful.
A statue of a big buff man holding his bicep, hand halfway between open and a fist, and grinning. (Arm wrestle to get through)

A wall of acoustic force that blasts the ears and takes a force of will to get through. Makes characters temporarily deaf.

A room with yellow lines that border the walls and break for spaces at even intervals 2-3 times. Where the lines break, there's a pressure sensitive trap that spins the entire section of hallway to the left and ejects the character down into a pit of some kind or another (add punjees, zombies, monsters, etc. to receive them when they hit if appropriate.

A room with an unusual light source (like a torch in a tube in the floor or something) with a lot of shadows. One or more of those shadows are living, and hungry.

A wise-looking (or famous) sage/messiah waits for the characters in a room with no visible doors. He/she greets them, speaks with them, and if asked where to go or how to proceed, the sage tells them that only in death can one see and go through the door which lies in this room. It is locked to all else. Attempts to find the door should fail. The sage will continue to "help" them accept that they have to die, and will gladly kill them if they wish, (absorbing their spirits as payment and keeping them from passing to the next world, so they are just dead, gone forever.) The only way through is to confront the sage, who, after the players start getting aggressive, turns into some kind of hideous monster that turns out to be a real test of the characters' strengths. Killing the monster reveals the door and unlocks it.

A table with two chairs and a statue of a smiling, one-armed hick that comes alive and starts pouring drinks. Outdrink the hick.

A normal-looking room with some decent furniture in it (a couch, a coffee table, several easy chairs, a bookcase, a clock, etc.) There's also a water fountain and a bowl of fruit on the table. When they go inside, the door locks behind them and becomes impassable. (As the other door already is.) How to get out? The clock on the wall is open and magical- turning it advances time (or reverses it) in the room, but only on the objects in the room (and the doors). They can reverse it to reopen the first door, or they can push it forward until the doors rot away and fall off the hinges. (Or open automatically- something like that)

The players walk into a large room with a large stone ring sticking out of one wall. A equal number of ghostly figures (to characters) step through the wall, one carrying the ball. They're all pretty strong, and it should really be a challenge for the players to beat them, if they do at all. You see, the winners are hauled away and sacrificed, and like Aztec ball players, the ghosts think this honorable death desirable.

While in a town buying supplies, looking for work, or relaxing, a wizard in that same town unwittingly opens a singularity bubble in his tower, making the town the focal point of a baby black hole that the whole world is slowly imploding into. (Great start for a new quest.)

A circular man-sized opening/door sweeping down into the floor. It's filled with something sticky and viscous like honey or molasses. Beyond the floor (where it can't be seen except by diving in,) it narrows steadily down to a fist-sized opening with a lever at maximum arm's reach that opens a secret door (leading to the next room) but it's back beyond the mouth of the pipe.

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