101 terrific history truths

Terrific History Truths

The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.
Saint Ignatius of Antioch prayed to be eaten by wild animals; when the Roman Emperor Trajan sentenced him to be eaten by lions in 110 CE he fell to his knees and thanked him.

Slaves sometimes had to fight to the death in a Roman arena.To make sure they weren't just pretending to be dead, they could be prodded with a red-hot poker and hit on the head with a huge hammer.

So many people associated with the discovery of Otzi have died young that some believe the mummy is cursed.

Soldiers fighting in the trenches in World War I often suffered from trench foot (spending too long in cold, wet trenches made their feet rot). Some had to have their feet amputated because of it…

The body tag from the corpse of Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot President John F. Kennedy, was sold for £3,600 at an auction.

The fifteenth-century German king Wenceslas was so angry with his chef after a particularly bad meal that he had him roasted alive.

The French actress Sarah Bernhardt took a coffin with her on all her travels. She learned her lines while lying in the coffin and even entertained her lovers in it.

The Greek emperor Draco died when he was smothered by the hats and cloaks that admirers threw over him at a party.

The Greeks played the game knucklebones with real bones from the knuckles of animals that have cloven feet – like pigs, goats and antelopes.

The Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathori killed more than 600 young girls in the 1500s in order to drink and bathe in their blood.

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