101 terrific history truths

Terrific History Truths

The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.
In 1740, a cow found guilty of witchcraft was hanged.

In 1846, eighty-seven pioneers crossing the mountains of Nevada, USA, became trapped in bad weather. By the end of the winter, forty of them had been eaten by the others.

In 1856, the USA passed a law saying that its citizens could claim any uninhabited island anywhere in the world if it contained large deposits of bird faeces.

In 1981, 300 people thrown into the water in a ferry accident in Brazil were eaten alive by piranha.

In 2,350 BC the Mesopotamian king Urukagina demanded that thieves be stoned to death with stones carved with their crime.

In Ancient Egypt, women kept a cone of grease on their head. During the day, it melted in the hot sun and dripped down, making their hair gleam with grease.

In Ancient Rome, vestal virgins were young girls who served in a temple and could not be touched. If they committed a crime their punishment was to be buried alive as it could be done without anyone touching them.

In Anglo-Saxon England, people who died in a famine were eaten by their neighbours!

In China in the 1500s, a common method of committing suicide was by eating a pound of salt.

In India, people used to believe that the eyes from a slow lorris a nocturnal creature like a monkey with no tail could work as a love potion.

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