101 terrific history truths

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Terrific History Truths

The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.
British king James I's tongue was too large for his mouth so he slobbered all the time and was a very messy eater.

Charles I was executed by beheading, but had his head sewn back on so that his family could pay their respects to his body. His doctor stole a bone from his neck and had it made into a salt cellar.

During a famine and drought in Jamestown, America, in 1609, one settler was executed for eating his dead wife.

During the 900 days of the siege of Leningrad in the Second World War, 1,500 people were accused of cannibalism.

During the Great Plague that struck England in 166566, boys at Eton school were punished for not smoking smoking was thought to protect them from the disease.

During the time of Henry VIII of England, who reigned from 1508 to 1547, the punishment for poisoners was to be boiled alive.

Early Colonists in America used to clean their windows with rags dipped in urine.

Fashionable women in Japan and Vietnam stained their teeth black until the mid-1900s.

Hanging, drawing and quartering was a punishment for the worst crimes in England from 1241. The prisoner was nearly strangled by hanging, then cut open and had his innards removed and cooked in front of him, and finally chopped into four pieces. By the mid-1700s, prisoners were killed before the drawing and quartering.

In 167 BCE, a Roman commander had a group of soldiers trampled to death by elephants for deserting (running away from battle).

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