101 terrific history truths

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Terrific History Truths

The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.
After a massacre carried out by Indian soldiers in 1857, the British soldiers made the Indians clean up the blood and those who refused had to lick it up.

An Ancient Egyptian cure for burns involved warming a frog in goat dung and applying it to the burn.

An Ancient Egyptian who was feeling a bit unwell might eat a mixture of mashed mouse and faeces. Mmmmmmm, bound to make you feel better!

An Anglo-Saxon cure for baldness was to rub the ash from burnt bees into the head.

An Egyptian mummy can have more than 20 layers of bandages, with glue between the layers. Every finger and toe was wrapped separately. It took 15 days to wrap a royal mummy.

Ancient Egyptians sometimes brought a mummified body to banquets to remind diners that one day they would die.

Ancient Greeks used to blow up a pig's bladder like a balloon and use it as a ball.

Ancient Romans made hair dye from pigeon faeces.

Anglo-Saxon peasants sometimes wove clothes made out of dried stinging nettles.

Anyone who rebelled against the Mesopotamian king Ashurnasirpal could expect to be skinned or buried alive. We know this because he buried some rebels inside a column and carved the story of their crime on the outside.

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