101 terrific history truths

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Terrific History Truths

The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.
Ancient Egyptians sometimes brought a mummified body to banquets to remind diners that one day they would die.

Inuit people used to make trousers out of the gullet wind-pipe of a seal or walrus, using one for each leg.

Monks in Sicily, Italy, mummified dead bodies until 1920. A display of 6,000 can be seen in catacombs in Palermo, standing around or lying on shelves.

Wig-makers suffered during times of plague as people thought the disease could be caught from wigs made of human hair. So many second-hand wigs were infested with fleas that they were probably right!

King Pepi II of Egypt had himself surrounded by naked slaves smeared with honey so that any biting flies would be attracted to them and not bite him.

The Roman king Tarquin crucified anyone who committed suicide even though they were already dead to show other people what would happen to their bodies if they did the same.

Hanging, drawing and quartering was a punishment for the worst crimes in England from 1241. The prisoner was nearly strangled by hanging, then cut open and had his innards removed and cooked in front of him, and finally chopped into four pieces. By the mid-1700s, prisoners were killed before the drawing and quartering.

In Sparta, Greece, in 600 BCE the law required that a child born imperfect disabled or deformed be killed immediately.

In the 1700s, people wore huge hairstyles made of a mixture of real hair and horse hair or other fibres. As they rarely cleaned them keeping them in place for months on end they carried sticks to knock vermin out of their hair-does.

James, Duke of Monmouth, was beheaded in 1685 but when it was discovered that there was no official portrait of him, his head was stitched back on and he posed for his portrait at last.

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