101 strangest laws around the world

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Strangest Laws Around the World

People do bizarre things, therefore strange laws are written to help level them out.
In Chico, California, you'll receive a $500 fine for letting off a nuclear bomb in the city limits.

In Massachusetts, your breaking the law if you consume more than 3 sandwiches at a wake.

In Louisiana, using dentures to bite someone moves it up to aggravated assault.

In Kentucky, carry ice cream cones in your pocket is illegal.

In International Falls, Minnesota, you can be fined if you let your dog chase a cat up a telegraph pole.

In Iowa, after 5 mins of kissing your breaking the law.

In Illinois, giving a lighted cigar to a pet is illegal.

In the USA 24 states say that if your husband is impotent its grounds for a divorce.

In Miami, Florida, imitating animals is illegal.

In Oxford, Ohio,a woman undressing in front of a picture of a man is breaking the law.

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