101 spectacular science specifics

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Spectacular Science Specifics

There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.
It is so cold in space, that urine flushed out of a space craft instantly freezes into a stream of yellow crystals.

It's said that dead Americans rot much more slowly than they used to because they eat so many preservatives in their foods.

Japanese scientists have managed to grow tadpole eyes from scratch in the laboratory. They transplanted the eyes into tadpoles. The eyes worked even after the tadpoles changed into frogs.

John Haigh killed six people in London, UK, in the 1940s, dissolving their bodies in a bath of acid, hoping he could wash away all the evidence. However, on finding three human gallstones and a pair of dentures belonging to one of his victims in the sludge left behind, the police had enough evidence to convict him.

Lined up neatly, 10,000 bacteria would stretch across your thumbnail.

Malaria is a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes. It is caused by a tiny parasite that lives inside a person's blood cells. Malaria kills 13 million people a year.

Not all dead bodies rot. In the right conditions, some of the fat can turn to a soap-like substance so that if the body is dug up, even years later, it can look much the same as when it was buried.

Oil is made from the decayed bodies of animals and plants that died millions of years ago and have been squashed deep underground.

Old cannonballs brought up from the seabed can explode and kill divers. Bacteria eat away part of the metal, producing gases that rapidly expand when the cannonballs come to the surface.

One of the best ways of cleaning an infected wound, used before the days of antibiotics and now with infections that antibiotics can't treat, is to put maggots into it to eat the rotting flesh.

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