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Save Money Ideas

Saving money brings benefits that will endure for the rest of your life. Begin to save money today.
71. Save on Children's Expenses
Shop at discount stores for children's clothes.

72. Save on Children's Expenses
Select children's clothes that are functional and comfortable.

73. Save on Children's Expenses
Teach children proper care for clothing, toys, furniture, and equipment so replacements, repairs, and maintenance will be reduced.

74. Save on Children's Expenses
Involve children in understanding their environment. Reward them in some way for conserving resources.

75. Save on Children's Expenses
Save household items that children can play with such as egg cartons, meat trays, old stockings, and cardboard boxes of all sizes.

76. Save on Children's Expenses
Devise creative, inexpensive entertainment for children.

77. Save on Children's Expenses
Interest children in budgeting their money. Give them allowances, and let them learn to save and stretch their money.

78. Save on Children's Expenses
Start a “child-care pool” with a group of friends to save on babysitting fees.

79. Save on Children's Expenses
Buy basic gifts or supplies when prices are reduced, such as after Christmas or Easter, and save them for the following season.

80. Save on Children's Expenses
Insist the children do some sort of work, besides regular chores, as soon as they are old enough.

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