101 save money ideas

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Save Money Ideas

Saving money brings benefits that will endure for the rest of your life. Begin to save money today.
21. Save on Clothing
Buy wash and wear as much as possible. Clothes that require dry cleaning are expensive to care for.

22. Save on Clothing
Choose clothes with simple trim; they won't go out of style as quickly. Trim should be of good quality and should require the same care as the rest of the garment.

23. Save on Clothing
Shop factory-outlet stores. Don't assume there is something wrong with clothes sold there. They could be surplus, samples, or discontinued lines. Any imperfect or damaged items must be tagged or advertised as such. And, the flaws in some may be so minor that they don't matter at all.

24. Save on Clothing
Accessories can add a new look to your wardrobe for a much smaller cost than buying major items.

25. Save on Clothing
Adapt what you have to current styles instead of dashing out to buy something new.

26. Save on Clothing
When you outgrow clothing, exchange with friends and relatives or recycle them.

27. Save on Clothing
Contribute clothing to a “nearly new” shop sponsored by a charitable organization. Your gift may be tax deductible if you get a signed receipt for its estimated value.

28. Save on Clothing
Learn to sew, but don't rush out and buy a lot of fabric that you'll never get around to making into garments.

29. Save on Clothing
Take good care of your clothing and shoes. They will last longer.

30. Save in the Home
Cut the cost of your long distance calls as much as 60 percent by dialing yourself and using the daily and weekend specials. Plan what you need to say and limit talking time.

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