101 save money ideas

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Save Money Ideas

Saving money brings benefits that will endure for the rest of your life. Begin to save money today.
11. Save on Transportation
Learn how to do some of your own car maintenance chores. Change the oil, oil filters, and air filters.

12. Save on Transportation
Use self-service gasoline pumps. Anyone can do it! Don't forget to check the oil and water levels.

13. Save on Transportation
Form a car pool to go to work, to meetings, and even on shopping trips.

14. Save on Transportation
Ask yourself each time you get in your car, “Is this trip really necessary?”

15. Save on Transportation
List “things to do” and “things to buy” before leaving home. Forgetting and making second trips are costly.

16. Save on Clothing
Study your wardrobe, determine your needs, work out a clothing budget, and stay with it. Clothes bought on impulse rarely fit in your budget or your wardrobe.

17. Save on Clothing
Buy the best quality you can afford, particularly in clothes that will last for several years. This is called “Investment Dressing.” Think in terms of cost per wearing.

18. Save on Clothing
Buy color-coordinated clothes you can mix and match. Buy all-season styles and fabrics when possible. This way you don't have to buy as many clothes.

19. Save on Clothing
Know how to spot a bargain. When you buy a garment, check its construction, care instructions, fiber content, and other label information. Be sure it will last and will be easy to care for.

20. Save on Clothing
Buy designs that will stay in style.

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