101 reasons to get married

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Reasons to Get Married

Innovative, influential and incredible reasons to get married.
You can throw away that tattered memo on your desk that says “Stay strong! Stay single as long as you can!”

You have someone who is willing to wash your back for you.

A good relationship is like a cushion of air that lifts you up and keeps you flying all day long.

You can live all the really juicy (and dangerous) stories vicariously through your single friends instead of first hand.

Any children you have will have more than one person to take care of them (and for them to look up to)

You have someone you can be eccentric or artistic with.

Say goodbye to heartache, dumping, and being dumped.

Love is a powerful armor for your self esteem.

You have two brains full of knowledge to draw from in a given situation (instead of just one.)

You have an excuse not to spend your whole life working.

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