101 reasons to get married

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Reasons to Get Married

Innovative, influential and incredible reasons to get married.
You have someone you can be silly with who won't judge you for it.

You have an excuse to be a lady (or a gentleman)

You can do cute things (like calling a radio station you know your partner is listening to and dedicate a song to them.)

You have someone else's hair to play with other than your own.

You have a good reason to stay positive and not be a downer.

You have an excuse to wake someone up with kisses.

You have someone to remind you of all the things you have to be grateful for.

You have someone you can be yourself around (instead of feeling like you always have to fit in.)

You have someone else who believes in your dreams and your ability to succeed.

You don't have to brave the dating scene anymore (or risk ending up in a relationship with someone who is totally nuts!)

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