101 places to visit in india

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Places to visit in India

India is a place that can capture your heart,no wonder tourists come back,101 Most Beautiful Place.
68. Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is the icon of India and the epitome of love around the world. This magnificent monument was built by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The white marble and the intricate carvings of the monument have mesmerized many around the world. Quite rightly, the monument finds a place in the Seven Wonders of the World. It is believed that Shah Jahan ordered that the hands of all the laborers who built the monument be severed so that they can never build a monument so beautiful ever again.

98. Markha Valley
Located between Zanskar Valley and the town of Leh is Markha Valley. With the peaks of Stok Kangri and Matho in the background, you can expect some scintillating views in the valley. A large part of the valley has barren and rugged landscape, which makes it an adventurous trek in Ladakh. The valley is also inhabited by some really rare species of animals such as blue sheep and Ibex. If you are lucky, you can even spot the snow leopard in the valley. The best time for a trek through this gorgeous valley would be between the months of May and September, when the temperatures are relatively comfortable.

92. Tsongmo Lake
Located in the eastern part of Sikkim, at an altitude of about 12,400 feet is the Tsongmo Lake. You pass this lake while trekking to Nathu La Pass, which lies at the Ind0 China border. Like other lakes of the Himalayan region, this one too is just gorgeous to say the least. You somehow fall in love with it from the moment you set your eyes on it. And unlike other lakes of the region, this one involves a relatively easier trek.

89. Living Root Bridges
These arent something exotic or something breathtakingly gorgeous. Yet, they are beautiful in their own unique way. Living root bridges are bridges made from the root of the trees. Cherrapunji has a high number of rubber trees, which has secondary roots. These secondary roots are very thick and strong. Locals of the place have managed to alter the direction of these secondary roots and make bridges out of them in order to cross rivers of the region. Walk on the living root bridges or even camp under them, it is an eclectic experience.

30. Kutch
Imagine barren lands where you can push full throttle and have the thrill of your life? Thats Rann of Kutch for you, in Gujarat. Kutch is a shallow wetland, which means it gets submerged during the monsoon season because of rains.However, during the summer months, the water recedes, giving way to salty land which is barren yet beautiful. The Rann of Kutch is known for road trips in India. It is also known as a habitat for exotic species of birds and animals. There are quite a few wildlife reserves in the region, the most prominent of which is the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary.

5. Suraj Tal Lake
The Suraj Tal Lake, also known as the lake of the sun god, close to the Baralacha la pass is the third highest lake in India and the 21st highest in the world. Beautifully clad mountain tops, glacier views, the extreme polar region conditions and pin drop silence greets you out here which is probably why you will hardly find any other soul around if you manage to trek to this lake.

38. Nandi Hills
A small hill station about 60 km from Bangalore is Nandi Hills. Compared to other famous hill stations of Karnataka, Nandi Hills is a little less frequented, which adds to the charm of the place. It is known for its trekking opportunities and houses the ruins of a fort atop a hill.You could take plantation walks in the verdant greenery or even go paragliding here. However, the best way to experience Nandi Hills is to just sit back, relax, and watch time go by. If you are looking for rejuvenation, Nandi Hills is the ideal place to be in.

86. Qutub Minar
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is Delhis tallest minaret, with a height of about 240 feet. The monument was built in order to surpass the beauty of Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan, way back in 1052 CE. The monument has several ruins and relics dating back to centuries ago, which together constitute the Qutub Complex. In the olden days, you could climb the stairs and reach the top of the minaret for an awesome view of the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, that has been disallowed to protect the monument. However, despite that, it continues to be an icon of Delhis landscape.

3. Sar Pass
The Sar pass, a popular tourist destination and a great pace for adventure lovers and treks, gets its name from a small frozen lake that is a part of the Sar pass trek too. When uttermost peace and natural scenic beauty is all you want to accompany you, the 12,500 feet above sea level destination is the place to be. Its quite a risky trekking spot and that ensures that loners definitely get here .

47. Sunset at Cochin
Cochin is very unlike the rest of Kerala, and yet, very similar to it. It is known for its colonial past, which is still evident today in the cobbled streets and the quaint cafes of the city. There are more than a few highlights of Cochin. There are the Chinese Fishing Nets, which are a different kind of experience.

There is the beautiful sunset by the harbor which makes for a really romantic experience. And there is also the sunset cruise you can take, alone or with your special someone. Just roam the streets of Cochin and are in for a delightful surprise.

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