101 keep doctors away

Keep Doctors Away

Many people with severe illnesses would give anything for a single day of perfect health.
Eat before grocery shopping. Choose a checkout line without a candy display. Make a grocery list before you shop.

Take honey to build up your immunity system. Don't sleep right after having a meal. Don't sleep when you're emotionally upset.

Don't drink coffee twice a day. When you feel tired, REST. If you're stressed, don't try to manage it. Instead, take time off and relax. Laugh out loud. .

Rely on whole foods for your nutrition rather than supplements. Be authentically you in all situations at all times.

For women, spending time with other women releases the stress-reducing oxytocin. For men, spending time alone increases their ability to deal with stress.

Ask yourself, honestly, what it would take to change some destructive habits in your life. When eating anything, slow down and chew each mouthful thoroughly for the best digestion and assimilation possible.

When eating melon, eat it alone or leave it alone. Eliminate white flour and white sugar from your food. They are dead foods that give nothing to your body.

Exercise till you sweat once a week. Save a one year's worth of living expenses to eliminate the money stress. Do pull-ups and push-ups for 30 minutes twice a week.

Park further from the store and walk. Ask a friend to exercise with you. Make time in your day for physical activity. Exercise with a video if the weather is bad.

Go for fresh juices with veggies. Try wheatgrass shots the next time you need a pick-me-up. Eat chillies. They stimulate the release of feel-good endorphins in the brain.

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