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Keep Doctors Away

Many people with severe illnesses would give anything for a single day of perfect health.
Don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't eat. Don't eat anything with ingredients you can't pronounce.

Eat real chocolate, raw chocolate often avoiding processed, refined and sugared imitations. Learn how to be mindful in each moment so you don't miss out on the magic of life from thinking too much.

Bike to the barbershop or beauty salon instead of driving. Keep to a regular eating schedule.

Move your body in a way that you enjoy every day (or almost every day). Breathe deeply as often as you can.

Quit smoking by smoking one less cigarette every week. Walk in nature barefoot. Spend time with friends. Start a gratitude journal. Record one thing you're grateful for everyday.

Sprinkle olive oil on your greens. The greens make the essential fatty acids in olive oil more available for your body to absorb. Don't donate money, donate your time instead. You'll get far more internal reward this way.

Take a little break from food every now and then, fast or cleanse to heal your body. Don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognise as food.

Eat before you get too hungry. Don't skip breakfast. .

Have a meat-free Monday or another day each week without meat or meat products. Learn to listen to the signs, signals and symptoms your body gives you every day.

Rely on whole foods for your nutrition rather than supplements. Be authentically you in all situations at all times.

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