Interior Design Ideas
Learn the basics of home decorating, including where to find ideas, design principles.
1. Wall mounted bedside table
Ett Hem, a hotel in Stockholm, is filled with great design ideas. A clever space saver for smaller bedrooms is this bedside table, which is built into the panelling of the wall.

2. The white wash
One way to deal with a small space effectively is through harnessing the power of colour. Designer and author Claire Lloyd and her artist husband Matthew Usman have chosen a chaste palate that virtually erases the perimeters of this tiny bedroom. Painting out the awkwardly placed window also helps to give the room a feeling of cohesion. The eye is then drawn irresistibly to the few notes of colour and detail that the room has to offer, meaning that fewer decorative flourishes are needed to give impact and character. Texture is key here to avoid the room looking sparse. When making a small space totally white opt for the natural warmth given by wood or roughly hewn stone as a base.

3. Small bedroom in a cotswolds cottage
This cottage is now a part of us, an effortless comfort blanket, says designer Caroline Holdaway of the adorable Cotswolds cottage she shares with her photographer partner, Fatimah Namdar, on weekends. The wall shelves in the spare room along with providing storage draw the eye up, making the cosy ceilings appear higher, while a chair provides double duty as a bedside table. An olive stripe flatweave rug from Sinclair Till contrasts with a vibrant tartan rug from Toast used as a bedspread and cushions made from fabric pieces left over from projects.

4. Behind the bookshelves
If you dont have space for all your glassware in the kitchen, listen in. Designed by owner and decorator Emma Burns of Colefax & Fowler this gem of a pantry is concealed behind a bookcase. Long shelves store her collection of crockery and picnic paraphernalia.

5. Office corner desk
If you dont have room for a dedicated study take note. Having commissioned an award winning newbuild in Suffolk, the owners entrusted its decoration to interior designer Virginia White. The gallery leading to the spare bedrooms has been turned into a self contained study, where Virgina chose a corner desk attatched the mezzanine wall to minimise the amount of floor space used.

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