101 interesting body realities

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Interesting Body Realities

The human body is an amazingly complex system. Here are 101 interesting facts about the human body.
The best recorded distance for projectile vomiting is 8 metres (27 feet)!

The Binderwur tribe in India used to kill and eat sick and old people to please their goddess Kali.

The botfly lays its eggs on a mosquito, and they hatch when the mosquito bites someone.The maggot grows for six weeks in a lump under the persons' skin called a warble until it pops out when it's fully grown.

The gunge that collects in your belly button is a mix of dirt, dead skin cells and oils from your body.

The infection thrush causes a white, hairy fungus to grow on the tongue.

The larvae of the pork tapeworm, hatched from eggs eaten in infected pork, can travel around the body and live in the brain, eyes, heart or muscles.

The maw-worm can grow to 30 centimetres (1 foot) and then come out of the body from any gap or hole, including the corner of the eye.

The medical name for burping is eructation.

The medical name for ear wax is cerumen; it is produced by more than 4,000 glands in your ears.

The mental disorder called ‘walking corpse' disease leads people to believe parts of their body are missing or that they are dead.

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