101 interesting body realities

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Interesting Body Realities

The human body is an amazingly complex system. Here are 101 interesting facts about the human body.
In some parts of the world, people wear extremely heavy ear-rings to weigh their ears down and stretch the lobes.They can weigh up to half a kilogram (1 pound) and hang from huge, long holes in the ear lobe.

It's possible to get dandruff in your eyebrows as well as in the hair on top of your head.

Liposuction is a popular operation in Europe and the USA amongst people who feel they are too fat. A surgeon sticks a long, hollow needle into the fat part such as the tummy or thighs uses ultrasound to turn the fat to yellow mush, and then sucks it out through the needle.

Long ago, rich people used to pay for teeth to be pulled from poor people often teenagers and implanted in their own jaws when their rotten teeth were removed.

More than 100 million micro-organisms live in your mouth at any time.

More than 200 types of different organisms live inside or on your body at any time.

Most people fart about 14 times a day.

Most people have mites very tiny creatures related to spiders living in their eyelashes, eyebrows, ears and noses.

Nearly half the dust in your house and that vacuumed up when you clean the house is old skin cells!

Nose-pickings are a mix of drying mucus and rubbish filtered out of the air you breathe in pollen, dust, smoke, dirt, sand, and even tiny particles of dust from space!

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