101 interesting body realities

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Interesting Body Realities

The human body is an amazingly complex system. Here are 101 interesting facts about the human body.
Dentists in the Far East used to pull teeth out with their bare hands! In China, they practised by pulling nails out of wood with their fingers.

Pinworms cause an itchy bottom because they sneak out at night to lay their eggs there.

The palms of the hands are the sweatiest parts of the body, followed by the feet.

A facelift to remove wrinkles involves cutting away part of the skin, pulling the remainder tight again and stitching it in place.

In some countries, the umbilical cord the cord that attaches the unborn baby to its mother is dried and kept after birth, to use in spells or medicines.

At least 1.3 billion people are infected with a small hookworm that attaches to the inside of the gut. If there are a lot, it looks like fur or a thick carpet. Around the world, they suck a total of 10 million litres (around 21 million pints) of blood a day.

When a wound gets infected, it oozes yellow pus. Pus is a mixture of dead blood cells, bacteria and other dead cells from your body.

About 70 millilitres (around 2.5 fluid ounces) of blood are spurted out of your heart with each beat.

Hookworms can infest people who walk barefoot. They bore through the skin of the feet and travel in the blood to the lungs, where they come out and crawl up to the throat, to be swallowed and start a new life in the gut.

Surma girls of Ethiopia put clay disks in their lower lip, stretching the lip outwards.The size of the disk indicates how many cattle a man needs to provide to marry the girl they can be up to 15 centimetres (6 inches) across.

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