101 ideas to show your love

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Ideas to Show Your Love

You need to remember the fact that many-a-times, stating the obvious is very necessary.
Make resolutions to do things together. Make solid plans. Stick to them.

Go on a road trip together. Just the two of you.

Keep a positive outlook on lifeľ at least while you're around your lover!

Support your lover, even if you think they might be wrong or might fail. Be there simply because you love them.

Forgive and forget, but don't bottle up things that bug you. Talk about them, then release them and make way for a better, stronger love.

Put a love or congratulatory ad in the local paper that you know your lover will see.

Distract your lover from their problems, remind them that everything is going to be okay and then help them solve the issue.

Wake your lover up with kisses.

Think up the most romantic thing you could do for your lover, then do it. Only you know your partner well enough to know what that thing is.

Compliment everything.

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