101 ideas to show your love

Ideas to Show Your Love

You need to remember the fact that many-a-times, stating the obvious is very necessary.
If your partner has a problem that is bugging them, try to set it right or fix it for them as a surprise.

Make a point to celebrate family holidays and special occasions with your lover.

Make a list of the things you love about your partner. Be specific, and feel free to say things that seem off the wall like: “I love the way your eyes are the color of the sky as the sun rises” or “I love the sound of your heart beating.”

Whisper “I love you” in your lover's ear.

Send electronic love messages.

Take your lover to a concert they've always wanted to go to.

Cook together. Make the love (but also the food) the priority.

Use a picture of your lover as your desktop wallpaper.

Say “I love you.” in different languages. If your partner has a different native language than you do, learn to say it (and more) in that tongue.

Paint your nails together.

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