101 ideas to show your love

Ideas to Show Your Love

You need to remember the fact that many-a-times, stating the obvious is very necessary.
Share elements of your life with your lover that you haven't shared with anyone else.

Flirt relentlessly.

If you're already married, play like you're not. Romance your partner and propose again.

Tell your lover how cute/handsome/gorgeous and/or how much of a god or goddess they are.

Give your partner a memento (not necessarily a ring, but a bracelet or a necklace or something they can carry around in their pocket) that reminds them of your love for them.

Share a meal or a drink with your lover.

Talk about the future. Muse about ideas, dreams and the things that you will do together.

Sing to your lover, or sing together somewhere intimate (like the shower.)

Make an effort to attend (and enjoy) an event or ceremony with your lover that is important to them.

Leave flowers (single roses work great) in places where your lover will find them (like under the wiper on their car)

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