101 ideas to show your love

Ideas to Show Your Love

You need to remember the fact that many-a-times, stating the obvious is very necessary.
Go out and have nice pictures taken of yourselves together.

Write an article about love in which your partner will recognize elements of your relationship and smile.

Make a list of the things you love about your partner. Be specific, and feel free to say things that seem off the wall like: “I love the way your eyes are the color of the sky as the sun rises” or “I love the sound of your heart beating.”

Make resolutions to do things together. Make solid plans. Stick to them.

Spontaneously take a day off from work or responsibilities to “kidnap” your partner and have a blast together!

If you're already married, play like you're not. Romance your partner and propose again.

Find something that needs to be done that your love hasn't gotten around to and do it for them, especially if it is something they're having difficulty with (like bills, a person who irritates them or funeral arrangements they've been put in charge of, etc.)

Look your partner in the eyes when you talk to them. Be sincere.

Keep a picture of your partner in an area where you spend a lot of time. Find a way for your partner to find out about it (without telling them directly.)

Surprise your lover at work with flowers or chocolate or kisses.

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