101 ideas to save ten dollar a week

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Ideas to Save Ten Dollar a Week

Begin to save money today. Saving money is within your control and can bring you huge benefits.
Look for hidden fees: Look closely at your statement and take note of what kind of fees you are paying out. Programs like credit life insurance, credit disability insurance, involuntary unemployment credit insurance and credit property insurance are generally unnecessary. Make sure you don't have to pay for them.

Get a low interest rate: Zero percent interest doesn't last forever. Many credit cards offer this as an introductory rate, but before you jump at this opportunity, find out how long it lasts and what your rate will be when it expires.

Watch your statement: On top of hidden fees, you may also find double or fraudulent charges that you will need to dispute.

Utilize rewards: Rewards programs are everywhere these days. If you have the discipline to pay off your balance each month, use your card to pay all of your bills and rack up lots of points. Just be sure to use the card responsibly. The rewards won't even cover the interest that you'll pay if you carry a balance.

Say no to the free shirt: Just about everywhere you go, there's somebody trying to get you to sign up for their credit card. A free shirt, free hat, or a ten percent discount may be appealing, but these little freebies can hurt you in the long run. Even if you never use the card, the application alone can bring down your credit rating.

Pay on time: Late payments are messy. They incur fees and allow the credit card company to raise your interest rates. Make a note on your calendar and pay ahead of time.

Take your lunch to work: Instead of paying five or six dollars for a "value" meal at lunch every day, bring a sandwich, apple and drink from home.

Go to beauty school: Time for a manicure, pedicure or haircut? Go to a training salon and get professional work done at a fraction of the cost.

Quit smoking: It's much easier said than done, but smokers, you're burning up a gold mine. Smoking a pack a day costs about $1,460 a year.

Keep charity receipts: Any kind of donations that you make throughout the year can be used as a tax write off.

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