101 ideas to save ten dollar a week

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Ideas to Save Ten Dollar a Week

Begin to save money today. Saving money is within your control and can bring you huge benefits.
Buy in bulk: It never hurts to stock up on items you use frequently. Bulk is often cheaper, so fill your cart. Be sure that you are able to use the item before it goes bad.

Don't shop on an empty stomach: Everything looks good when you're hungry. Eat before you shop so you're less tempted to pick up anything and everything that looks good.

Check your receipt: Before you leave the store, take a glance at your receipt to make sure everything checks out. Items may ring up at an incorrect price or be scanned too many times.

Grow your own food: Plant some herbs and vegetables in a small garden out back. You may not be able to replicate the produce aisle, but it can help cut your grocery bill.

Limit yourself: Avoid making restaurant visits an everyday event. Treat yourself once a week or once a month.

Look for new restaurants: Lots of new restaurants offer discounts and specials to attract customers.

Go out for lunch instead of dinner: Most restaurants are cheaper at lunchtime. When you decide to treat yourself, go out to lunch and stay in for dinner.

Avoid weekends: Everybody goes out to eat on the weekends. Restaurants may limit specials and coupons during this time. For the best deals, visit during the week.

Drink water: Save a few dollars on your bill by drinking water instead of soda or alcohol.

Bring leftovers home: Restaurant portions are huge, generally twice the size of a recommended serving. Ask for a doggy bag and bring the leftovers home.

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