101 ideas to save ten dollar a week

Ideas to Save Ten Dollar a Week

Begin to save money today. Saving money is within your control and can bring you huge benefits.
Shop for gas mileage: If you're car shopping, avoid the Hummers. Focus on smaller cars that get good gas mileage.

Try to avoid traffic: Idling in traffic can burn up lots of gas. Try to avoid rush hour traffic as much as possible.

Consider the savings: It costs an average of 36 cents per mile to own and operate an automobile. Don't drive all the way across town to save a nickel on a gallon of milk.

Keep moving: Stop-and-go driving not only wears out your engine faster, but also uses more gas than moving at a steady pace.

Use cruise control: If you're not going to be hitting any stop signs or traffic lights, set your cruise control to conserve gas.

Slow down: It's simple. Drive the speed limit to save gas as well as make your life a whole lot easier.

Keep it light: Remove any heavy, unnecessary items from your car. An extra 100 pounds can decrease fuel economy of an average automobile by about one percent.

Find the shortest route: The shorter the distance you have to travel, the less gas you will have to use.

Combine errands: Run as many errands as you can in one trip to cut down on your driving time.

Carpool: If your co-workers live nearby, take turns driving each other to work. If you're going out with your friends or family, fit as many people as you can into a single vehicle.

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