101 ideas to make the world a better place

Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

Simple Ideas to Make the World a Better Place
Play, genuinely play, with a little kid.

Tell someone you love them.

Donate unused computer time to cancer research (and other types of research) with BOINC

Use your blinker when you turn.

Pick a stretch of highway. Walk along and pick up all the trash you can. (It gets you exercise, money from recycling, and it makes the world a better place!)

Smile at someone. Just smile. Saying “Hello” often brightens a day too.

Round up a few loose coins. Put them in the next charity box you see.

Do something unexpected and artistic that will inspire people and shake them out of the sad mentality of the daily grind.

Plant flowers.

Search through your cabinets for a few cans of food you'll probably never use. Donate them.

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