101 ideas to make the world a better place

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Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

Simple Ideas to Make the World a Better Place
Help someone with a heavy load.

Support activists and people on strike.

Donate time or materials to Habitat for Humanity

Replace the bulbs in your home with energy saving bulbs. Invest in solar, if you can.

If the person ahead of you or behind you in line at the store has only a few items, buy them for him or her.

If you have land, invest in livestock. Chickens are a great place to start, and they make great pets, even if you don't eat them.

Write a nice note to or about your waiter or waitress on the back of your bill.

Support independent artists by purchasing books by unknown authors from publishers that aren't in the mainstream.

Learn a new skill, then teach it to someone else.

Tell someone you love them.

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