101 ideas to inspire you writing

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Ideas to Inspire you Writing

No matter how much you are good in writing, there will always be time when you need inspiration.
Focus on a memory of a game that you played when you were a kid. It could be chess, it could be paintball, it could even be Cowboys and Indians– anything where you really got into the game. Start by writing about the experience itself, and then make it more real. Suddenly you are the king, the soldier, the intrepid native out to reclaim his lands!

Think of a buddy or a relative and then focus on something that always reminds you of them (like their perfume, their sense of style, maybe something they love to do) and then write a story that centers around that.

Think of a memorable quote from a book, show or movie, remove it entirely from its original context, streamline/improve it, and then write a story around it using a completely different plot, completely different characters, and even a completely different world!

Pick up an object near you and look at it. Really study it. Try to find some aspect of it that future generations might change or improve on it. Now imagine that it's your job to market this new and improved object to the public. What do you say? How do you approach the futuristic masses with this item that could go so far in making their lives better?

Choose a mythological tradition (i.e. Norse, Judeo-Christian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, etc.) and look it up on Wikipedia. Next, follow links until you track down a specific god, goddess, angel or spirit that sounds particularly interesting. Write a story that includes this entity and incorporates elements of the mythology surrounding them in a way that preserves some of the ambiance and flavor that attracted you to him/her/it in the first place.

Pick three words of things that you like or that sound good when you say them. They could be colors, places, even names. Now, write a story using these three words in creative ways. (I.e. you can combine them, use them for section headings, use them as character names, etc. The possibilities are limitless!)

Go for a walk. While you're out, look for something interesting (it could be a car, a pamphlet, an unusual rock, a chicken, etc.) Sit and think about it for a little while, look at it and really appreciate it, then follow that thought pattern, see where it takes you, and write about it.

Take a pad of paper somewhere where you can people watch (a park, a coffee shop, a restaurant) and write down quick notes about the people you see. Now– make up stories about them. What kind of life do they lead? What's important to them? What sorts of troubles or joys do they come home to at night?

Think about a symbol. It can be a peace sign, a star, a cross, a flag, or anything else you've seen in the past. Consider what it means to you, really deeply think about it, then put those thoughts into words. Next, write a story using those words.

If you have a pet, (a cat, a dog, a snake, a chicken, etc.) take a moment to study them. Look at their features, their eyes– then write about them. Next, take it all a step further and write a story where the main character is a person that has all (or even just some) of those features!

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