101 ideas to inspire you writing

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Ideas to Inspire you Writing

No matter how much you are good in writing, there will always be time when you need inspiration.
Write a story that incorporates ideas or things that seem fantastically outside the norm of reality (like trees of glass and crystal that live and grow, or men and women that exist in a state of pure plasma.) What is life like in this new reality? What is different? What is the same? Be creative, and feel free to let your mind go places it would normally fear to tread.

Revisit the atrocities of the past in a story. You can either write it as a historical fiction (i.e. something that happens in the period in which the atrocity was practiced– like slavery, etc.) or as something that's happening in a different form (with obvious corollaries) today, or in a future setting.

Look through the newspaper for a particularly interesting line like "It was a day like any other for Joe Everyman..." Ponder it for a moment, bend it around in your mind and explore the possible places a line like this could go... then write one of them.

You're driving, and BAM! you see an unusual animal out of the corner of your eye, just standing there improbably on the side of the road. What is it? How did it get there? What happens next? You're the driver, you decide.

Write a song, revise it, even go so far as to put it to music if you feel so inclined! Make it real, imagine how it would sound performed live, and then build a story around that song. Make it the most central metaphor for the story, the very crux upon which the entire piece rotates.

Write down the basic elements of a whodunnit murder mystery– the name of a guilty person (i.e. Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, etc.) the object they've committed the murder with (i.e. a candlestick, etc.) and the place where it was done. (i.e. in the conservatory.) Make each element as random as possible (i.e. Bob Dole with an overfed goat in the Soyuz module) and then write a story that ties it all together. Feel free to make it more fun than believable!

Go somewhere that there are people, but not too many people (like a coffee shop, a class room, an airport terminal, an airplane, a business meeting, etc.) and then imagine that you (and the people around you) are suddenly the only people left on Earth. How does the story unfold? Do you all survive? Does someone die? What happens to this last, tiny fragment of the human race? Are there, by some freak miracle, others in similar situations lost in distant corners of the globe?

Write a story that explains what happens when we die, but take an alternative path with it. Instead of writing about the valley of eternal spring or the pearly gates, write about something totally unexpected, something that would make the reader look twice. Maybe the afterlife is something glamourous like a realm of pure light and pleasure, and maybe it's something far more down to earth, gritty and not at all like the heaven painted in the minds of most of the western Christian world.

Write a story about a character that blatantly defies conventions, (like a kindly old elderly woman who wears a bonnet, powders her face, goes to church every Sunday– but also loves videogames, or a baby who travels through time and fixes the problems of the future or past, or a mild mannered pastor who whips his congregation up by summoning demons or awakening hordes of the undead,) and then take a trip through that character's life. Is his or her unconventional nature ultimately something that will prove to be the instrument of his or her downfall, or is this unconventional person merely awesome?

Write a story that you are several times removed from. Write a tale of an author, who's writing a tale about an author, who is also writing a tale about an author. The challenge? Making it comprehensible, interesting, and just the right amount of complex to grab your reader and keep them reading.

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