101 ideas to inspire you writing

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Ideas to Inspire you Writing

No matter how much you are good in writing, there will always be time when you need inspiration.
Write a story about a place that comes into existence only once every hundred years or on some other rare basis, presenting itself as mythical and meaningful whenever it appears. It could be a restaurant, an island, a bar, an outhouse, or anything else. The person (or people) that encounter it can be oblivious tourists totally unaware of the majesty of it all, someone actively hunting for this mythical place, or anything in between. Make the place unique, give it character, make it stand out.

Take a historical figure like Einstein or Gengis Khan (or even a group of historical figures) and put that figure (or them) in an unfamiliar environment. It could be your present, the future, the distant past, or another planet/universe altogether. How would Winston Churchill and Joan of Arc react if they were both suddenly abducted by the same trans-dimensional alien ship and then put in close proximity? Pol Pot and Ghandi? You can also consider where people who have disappeared have gone. What really happened to Amelia Earhart? Jimmy Hoffa? Does it involve a ‘37 chevy floating inexplicably in a distant corner of the galaxy?

Try writing in a situation or mindset in which you would never normally write because you feel like too much of what you write would be garbage (i.e. when you're really tired, when you're drunk, etc.) Don't just write a little, write a lot. Then, put it aside for about a week. Forget about it. Once the week has passed, pick it up again and look through it for nuggets of wisdom to use in your next story. You'll be surprised what you'll find!

Step outside your bounds. Think about something that you tell yourself you "can't write" or "suck at" and force yourself to write it. If you get stuck, study stories that follow the same idea, pick them apart and try to figure out what their authors are doing, how they're able to write what you think you cannot. Remember– no matter what you might think, you can write anything. It just takes time, effort, and practice.

Create a new holiday, one with a long, traditional background (either on Earth or somewhere else entirely!) And use it as the backdrop for a story. Detail it, give it festivals, parties, taboos, requirements, wakes, etc. Flesh them out and make them real, then merge it all into the plot of a story. Use it to set the mood, to accentuate points, events, and even the climax. Make it the metaphor for the tale you've woven into it.

Look at the ceiling where you are. Truly consider it, study it, and then think about what it would be like if it was suddenly your floor, if suddenly your own personal gravity (and nothing else's) were reversed! What would life be like on the ceiling? Would you have tea parties? Panic uncontrollably? Contemplate mantras of zen buddhism? How would this sudden change in gravity effect your personal life?

Politicians are masters of spinning sentences of ambiguous commitment that ultimately mean nothing. Look through the speeches of one or two that have had something to hide or get excited about lately and pick apart their words. Find a particularly vague sentence or one teeming with doublespeak and then use it as the backbone of a story.

Write a high seas, swashbuckling adventure. Consider all the pirate movies you've ever watched, all the films where sailing ships and rapiers figure prominently, and then write your own pirate legend! Don't just limit your imagination to Pirates of the Carribean– think about Yellowbeard, Baron Munchausen, Gulliver's Travels, or even Treasure Island.

Write a story where a character is faced with a decision that is very difficult for him or her to make. This is no ordinary decision– it's hard to make, and it needs to be made soon. The stakes should be high (or maybe just need to seem high to the character) and you can even go so far as action if you want. Whatever happens, more focus on the tension of the decision than on something else (like people's looks or action-packed shoot-em-up scenes.)

Secrecy is just another form of government regulation. Consider something unusual that the government might feel should be kept secret, (you can use the previous prompt for ideas) and then draw up a plan designed to keep it secret, including ways to "clean up" any security leaks which might eventually and inevitably occur. Now, imagine that it is your job to blow the lid on this secret– pen your story, regardless of whether it ends in revelation and triumph or defeat and tighter security measures.

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