101 ideas to impress girls

Ideas to Impress Girls

Collection of various creative, powerful and amazing ideas to impress your loved one.
1. Get some style
Get a decent haircut One that suits you and makes you feel more comfortable.

2. Get some style
Ensure your facial hair is under control, including eyebrows, beard, mustache, etc.

3. Get some style
Wear clothes that fit you correctly Everyone is a different size so make sure you buy clothes that fit you well and make the most of your physique.

4. Get some style
Wear clothes that suit your style and are the correct colours This will instantly make you more attractive to women.

5. Get some style
Dress appropriately for your age We all get older and therefore we need to adjust the style of clothes we are wearing.

6. Get some style
Make sure you have a decent aftershave How you smell is hugely important as it can cause huge attraction in women.

7. Get some style
Wear something that makes you different Don't just follow the crowd and wear what everyone else does If you wanna show off your personality then go for it.

8. Get some style
However, don't wear something stupidly ridiculous because 1: It ain't cool & 2: It looks way too try hard Check out 5 Tips To Improve Your Fashion Style

9. Improve your body language
Get your posture sorted Good posture shows you are a strong, dominant man.

10. Improve your body language
Make sure you stand relaxed but purposeful.

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