101 ideas to bust your boredom

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Ideas to Bust your Boredom

In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.
Volunteer - at an animal shelter, senior living home, soup kitchen, hospital, you name it... remember, life is about creating relationships.

Take a road trip with 1 or 2 friends - the highway is beckoning

Go sky diving - you only live once right?

Plan a vacation - cruise, theme park, city, you name it

Download all your pictures - get photos from your camera onto your computer, pick the good ones, and develop them all. Photos tend to get locked inside computers forever.

Indulge an obsession - if you really like chocolate, make brownies. If you really like cheesy romance novels, check a few out. As long as you pick a healthy obsession (is that an oxymoron?...nah).

Learn a new language - if your serious, purchase a Rosetta Stone language course. If you just want to stop pronouncing meals wrong at your local mexican food restaurant, purchase a Spanish-English dictionary that includes the way to pronounce words.

Build something - preferably something rather than a house of cards. But other than that, the possibilities are endless! You want to build a boat? Go for it! Want a new deck? Start hammering!

Learn a magic trick - tricks that can be done without a lot of props are preferable. That way, you can show off your newly learned slight of hand while you and your friends and family wait for dinner at a restaurant.

Visit your parents - (if you haven't seen them in a while)

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