101 ideas to bust your boredom

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Ideas to Bust your Boredom

In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.
Go to a baseball/basketball/soccer game - little league is fine

Take a relaxing bath - take some pride in your bath: wipe out the tub, play some soft music, dig around for the bath salts you got for christmas last year, and enjoy

Paint a picture - channel your inner Picasso, or finger painting is fun too

Go to the gym - Do a half hour of cardio, and half hour of strength training. Repeat 4 days a week. You feel better and rejuvenated right away.

Go to the beach - build a sand castle, watch the waves, collect sea shells, or just walk along the coast.

Collect something - get creative (my mother collects little porcelain pitchers). Try coins, stamps, foreign currency, or anything else that strikes your fancy. If you like old typewriters, go for it, more power to you.

Give somebody flowers - drop them off at your neighbors door and run, or send them to somebody that's not expecting them.

Pick flowers for yourself - flowers brighten up any room

Start holiday shopping - it's never too early to start! You'll be glad you did later...

Go to a fair - county fairs, state fairs are almost always going on during the fall, spring, and summer months

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