101 ideas to bust your boredom

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Ideas to Bust your Boredom

In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.
Start addressing people by their name - the guy behind the cash register, your waiter, anyone who helps you, it could brighten their day a little bit

Go to a fair - county fairs, state fairs are almost always going on during the fall, spring, and summer months

Visit your parents - (if you haven't seen them in a while)

Go on a picnic - pack up all those cookies you made (and a few healthier items) and hit the park with a friend or significant other.

Make a scrapbook - you know all those pictures you just took? Well do something with them! Don't doom them to be forever locked inside your camera or computer.

Buy a great new pair of shoes - splurge a little, consider this an investment in your wardrobe. Buy some nice heels that you can wear out on the town or to a nice dinner, you will feel fabulous in them. And, if you wear them all the time, with a variety of different outfits, they will eventually pay for themselves.

Take a road trip with 1 or 2 friends - the highway is beckoning

Try out for your local theater - Your inner actor/actress is just waiting to make their debut

Take your family putt putt golfing - same rules apply as in bowling

Read Romeo and Juliet - it's probable been a while since you have

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