101 ideas to boost business

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Ideas to Boost Business

A collection of practical business, financial, legal and personal tips to help your business survive
63. Beware Of The Negative
Make sure you deal with all your customers in good faith and with integrity. Negative word of mouth, especially on computer bulletin boards and systems like the Internet, can cripple your business even more than positive public relations can help it.

49. Use Personalized Post
a. Every office uses these little sticky notes and they stick them to everything. With Personalized Post It notes everyone from the CEO to the receptionist will see your company name almost every day.
b. If they have a problem you can solve, your name and number are right there stuck to the page.

21. Throw A Party
a. Invite clients and friends to your home based business or store, serve refreshments and plan an interesting demonstration of your product or service.
b. Make it EASY for customers to buy or order your products or services. Accept credit cards, checks, eliminate long complicated credit forms, etc.
c. Alert the media. Let the business editor know something special is happening. They love to cover the unveiling of interesting new products.
d. Be friendly and outgoing. If this is not your personality ask a friend to be a greeter.

27. Never Assume
a. Never assume any of the following:
1. The customer cant afford it.
2. The customer wont buy it.
3. The customer doesnt understand the product.
4. The customer wont buy more than one.
5. The customer wont price your competitors.
6. The customer wont like you.
b. On the other hand, dont assume the opposite is true either.
c. Have confidence in your product or service and the need it fills.

99. Expect Criticism And Welcome It
Criticism will come from those who want you to improve your site. Dont take it personally. Treat it as valuable research and listen to the majority. If you dont fill the void for the browsers then they will stop coming to your site. Expect feedback and welcome it.

1. Know Who Your Customers Are
a. Describe the person most likely to want or need your product.
b. Why should they want to buy your product?
c. When you know the motivation, you can target the product to the correct customer base.
d. You cant sell a product until it is defined and positioned.
Note: A pharmaceutical company shelved a cold medicine because they couldnt correct the drowsiness it produced. Someone renamed it NyQuil and sold it as a bedtime cold medicine. It became the largest selling cold medicine on the market. Just because your product is good doesnt mean it will sell. It must be positioned correctly. Thats what marketing does.

19. A Business Card For All Employees
a. Counter people? Drivers? Yes. Theyre important enough for this tiny investment.
b. Theyll be proud to leave their card with every customer and every prospect.
c. Theyll use the card with friends and relatives and your name will be in many more places.

74. Use The Service Organizations You Belong To
When news of your business is published be sure to send a copy to any trade organizations you belong to so they can include the news in their magazine or newsletters.

96. On Line Publications
Many publications like Time or Newsweek have an on line presence. See if your industry publications have a web site.Check their web sites for past articles on your business or industry and contact them via e mail about your page.

91. Search Engines
Register your Web site with as many search engines as possible. In fact, do a search on search engines. You will find several hundred. The largest, Yahoo! www.yahoo.com , and Lycos, www.lycos.com will register your site by contacting them at the sites shown. There are also sites such as Submit It at www.submit it.com that gives free registration to many web sites.

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