101 ideas to boost business

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Ideas to Boost Business

A collection of practical business, financial, legal and personal tips to help your business survive
16. Examine Promotional Materials
a. Make sure business cards, letterheads, brochures and packaging materials are first class. This is not the area to spare expenses.
b. What types of materials is your competition using?
c. If you cant afford 4 color brochures use 2 or 3 color. Use of color increases response by 26 percent.
d. If you cant afford 2 color. use screens.
Note: Screen is another word for shade darker or tint lighter . For example: A florist wants red flowers around the borders of his brochure and black ink for the text. Thats two colors. Pink is a 50 percent tint of red, it is not another color. You can have some pink flowers and some red flowers with little or no additional cost depending on how your printer handles screens. This process will give the appearance of three colors; red, pink, and black. Use gray a tint of black and presto, a 4 color brochure red, pink, gray and black for a 2 Color price.

48. Listen To Your Customers
Pay attention to questions new customers ask you. The may be telling you about an unpleasant experience they had with a previous company. If they ask about service, exchanges, return policies, etc. Have an employee meeting and go over some of the phrases that might be red flags to watch for. Armed with that knowledge you can let these customers know that you will solve the problem with no hassles or problems.

15. Make Advertising Last
a. Buy ads that last months, not minutes.
b. Magnetic signs for car or van. Dont forget the back of your vehicle. Put signs on truck tailgates and rear windows. Most customers dont drive alongside your vehicle and copy down the phone or address. They are more apt to do it at a stop sign.
c. Use clever bumper stickers or T shirts.
d. If youre printing an expensive color piece, ask the printer to quote the price of his house paper.
e. Design the outside of the brochure to be permanent and the inside for future changes. That way you can print up large quantities 5,000 or more of the outside only and have the printer keep them on hand. Then as your message changes you only have to print the inside.
f. You will save by doing a large run in the beginning. You will also save by only printing what you need as your company changes. Avoid outdated brochures.

92. Ts And Cs
Also known as Terms & Conditions. If you are going to sell or market products on the web, it is important that your site have certain legal positions spelled out in legal language. For example, you may want to notify customers about your site security if you are using credit cards. What actions are you liable for and what are the risks the customer takes.

34. So It Must Be Important To Our Customers
a. Just because issues are important within an organization they do not automatically have relevance to your customers.
b. This is a by product of fuzzy thinking and the problem points to managers that lack experience.
c. When you consider any project look at it from the customers point of view, not the company. The rule is take care of the customer and hell take care of the company .

14. Use The Media
a. Send letters covering topics related to your business to local publications.
b. Connect your product or business to some current event that is making news.
c. Your name and business name will probably be used if your letter is printed.
d. You will be perceived as an expert in your field.
e. You are holding this information because of an Internet site or a local or national promotion.

30. Use One Media To Direct Your Customer To Another
If the best way to reach your target market i.e., Teens is with radio, but you have a long story to tell, use your radio spot to tell them about your big sale ad in the paper.

57. Look Outside Your Industry For The Best In class Examples
What firm has the best billing system? The best sales force? The best customer service? If you only measure yourself versus your competition, youll only be as good or a little better than they are.

But is that who youre competing against? No. Your customer is experiencing those best in class processes from someone and they are measuring your delivery against those some ones.

70. Some Tips To Remember When Using Photos In The Newspaper
1. Make sure the photos are not too dark or too light.
2. Take the photo to a print shop and have a PMT Photo Mechanical Transfer made. The printer can lighten and darken each photo as needed. The cost is about $5.00 each in most markets.
3. If the photos are similar in lightness and darkness, the printer can gang the photos. He can shoot several photos on one page for one price.
4. If you need to make a head shot for the paper, ask the photographer to use a light background instead of a gray or black background. Your photo will show up much better.
5. If youre using photos of your building, keep in mind the image you want to project to the reader. Does your business look open or closed? Are there cars in the parking lot? Does the business look prosperous?
6. If you are using a photo of your employees, the common mistake is to take the photo from too far away. For some strange reason people feel we must include the full body in the shot and the faces of the employees are lost.

78. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Reporters have no idea what your average work day is like and how your business works.Invite them to spend the day or part of a day with you so they can write the story from actual first hand observation.

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