Ideas for Cooking
what makes fats special, how to tell them apart, and how to pick the best one for the job.
1. Paleo Banana Bread
Banana bread is a classic breakfast item that is not only delicious in the morning, but throughout the rest of the day as well.

2. Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes
Pancakes are often strongly missed by people when they begin eating paleo. Good thing this recipe is here to save the day. Heres another paleo pancake recipe for you to try as well.

3. Root Vegetable Hash And Poached Egg
This hearty breakfast is colorful, tasty, and packed full of all the stuff you need to help you power through your morning.

4. Paleo French Toast
Along with pancakes, French toast is often missed by paleo eaters at first, but theres a recipe as good as this one, theres no need to feel sad.

5. Honey Nut Granola Cereal
Cereal makes a great breakfast if you are in a hurry. Just add some almond or coconut milk and youve got an instant, healthy start to your day.

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