101 ice cream flavors

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Ice Cream Flavors

Enjoy 101 ice cream in all our flavors, some with half the fat of regular ice cream.
86. Nogger Black Ice Cream
The worlds first racist ice cream! This is a liquorice flavored version of the classic nougat flavored Nogger.

3. Squid Ice Cream
Not wanting to give OctopusIce Creama leg up, Kimura Shoten used the extra legs available to step forward with squid flavored ice cream.

41. Pearl Ice Cream
This ice cream is a true Pearl of the Orient. But this oyster based ice cream has the kind of taste that makes some just wanna clam up.

94. Bay Leaf Ice Cream
Tastes like eucalyptus. Its fluffy, like whipped cream.

98. Sauerkraut Sherbet
Jams and preserves may be used to flavor sorbets and Frenchice creams, but theyre more ...as zucchini or jalapeno pepperice creamandsauerkraut sherbet.

88. Barbecue Flavor Ice Cream
Uh, it tastes a little too much like barbecue, says bikini topped Franny Linus.

84. Cold Sweat Ice Cream
Along with milk, sugar and the other usual ingredients, this ice cream is made with three kinds of peppers and two kinds of hot sauce. Its so spicy that just touching it makes your fingers feel hot. Its not a top seller. One of the ice cream shops regular customers said it tasted like,fire with a side of fire.

31. Silk Ice Cream
An ice cream that tastes as smooth as silk. And so it should, because thats what its made of. Silk was Japans biggest pre war export, and somehow, parachutes and kimonos still seem like a better use for the textile.

82. Mango Seaweed Ice Cream
Eastern Shore roll withseaweedsalad and Happy Together roll withmangoand coconut shrimp, yum KebbieK, JanHappy BirthdayIce CreamVolcano.

72. Tuna Fish Ice Cream
You may be thinking anice creamthat tastes likefish; but tuna is a very sweet fruit wich grows in high altitude arid zones in central Mexico.

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