Home Makeover Ideas
Decorating tips that will have your home looking like new in a flash.
1. Lighten Up with White
Achieve a luxe neutral look with white upholstery and decorative accents in a variety of light hues to add extra depth and dimension.

2. Mix Mod and Traditional
The 11 foot long vintage sofa in this living room is a mod counterpoint to a pair of traditional antique chairs.

3. Visually Divide a Great Room
Use architectural details, like the cedar ceiling beams in this room, to help visually divide and define the rooms in the open space of a great room.

4. Mix Your Styles
You can mix old and new, formal and casual, neutral and bold to make an inviting and comfortable space. A neutral toned sofa and armchair introduce contemporary lines while custom draperies add a touch of tradition.

5. Layer Neutrals for a Relaxed Look
To give Country French my minimalist spin, I avoid the expected ruffles and plaids and keep it about the painted antiques and white linens, says homeowner and designer Regina Lynch. In this house, curtains would have been too much, so instead I painted the trim a dark gray for a similar, but cleaner, look.

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