101 home makeover ideas

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Home Makeover Ideas

Decorating tips that will have your home looking like new in a flash.
71. Give Your Living Room a Sense of Place
Coastal and nautical touches abound in this family room beginning with the seashell print pillows. Coastal artwork over the fireplace flanks shelving that is filled to the brim with shell frames and boxes.

57. Pick Furniture That Will Work in Multiple Spaces
Everything this home can work in most any room in their house. Everything in the living room the sofa, two club chairs, and two armchairs has lived and functioned in other areas of the home. The style continuity is part of this homes peaceful, tranquil feeling.

35. Fake a Tall Ceiling
Ceilings look taller when the baseboard and crown molding are the same color as the wall.

9. Invest in Antiques
As your budget allows, invest in one fine antique per room. Here, the a round French marble topped gueridon table becomes a focal point of the space.

79. Try Natural Textures
Warm up a room with interesting textures. Woven accessories and ottoman keep things simple and natural.

34. Get Patriotic
You can pull off a patriotic color scheme without being kitsch. Try hints of red with a pretty blue backdrop. Use natural linen instead of bright white.

68. Create a Grown Up Space
Bring the formal parlor back to your home this ones for Mom and Dad, not the kids. Created with the feel of a warm and cozy den, this front room contains rich upholstery and textiles, dark stained furniture, and a leather wing chair.

93. Mix Up the Seating
Seating shouldn t be limited to club chairs and sofas. Utilize benches, ottomans, and odd side chairs to accommodate more people.

43. Buy the Whole Bolt
Inspiration for this design struck in the form of a 30 yard bolt of black and white hounds tooth fabric that was on sale for an amazing $30. Even after the window treatments, upholstery, and pillows there was plenty of leftover fabric to be used down the road as seat cushions on new finds, lampshades, and even place mats or a tablecloth.

13. Mix and Match Patterns
This living room shows that you dont need to shy away from bold patterns in a small space. A floral rug and coordinating pillows add color to the space, while an animal print chair heightens the drama. The herringbone fireplace tile is a nice geometric touch.

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