101 home design ideas

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Home Design Ideas

How to decorate your home and dining room in modern bohemian style.
10. Create dramatic light
If you want a little drama in your life, change the color of your lampshades to black. Much more dramatic, and it creates lovely pools of light along with a little punctuation in a room. Line the shades in gold paper to add a little sparkle.

2. Use something natural
Buy a tree in a basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner. I love a fiddle leaf fig for its sweet platypus bill like leaves. If you want to go the extra mile, stick some uplights behind it.

47. Think on a larger scale
Use fewer pieces of art, but bigger in scale. These could even be oversize posters.

57. Be creative with party ware
For a quick pick me up, I buy oversize wicker wrapped glass hurricanes from larsbolander.com. Pass the rum punch!

36. Let photographs inspire you
I love black and white photography, and often mix my own photos in with a known artists work. I even added black linen pillows to my sofa to echo the photography and create a more graphic look.

30. Wow with window treatments
Purchase ready made window treatments and add something to them, like a trimmed edge or a contrasting fabric border. I like the stainless steel grommeted curtains from West Elm. Ive also tea dyed them or thrown the into a bath of Rit dye to make my own colors.

77. Paint a thin black line
If you have a room paneled in new wood that is trying to look old, take a paintbrush and add a thin line of black in the flutes of a column, or along the raised part of a panel. That touch of black will add authenticity.

12. Give rooms seasonality
In winter, I bring out cashmere blankets, fur throws, and my quilted bedspread from Leontine Linens. In summer, out come the monogrammed seersucker and cotton piqu? coverlets. Im also a sucker for L?ron hand towels.

61. Protect your furniture
When we got a puppy, we casually draped and tucked those white canvas painters drop cloths over the furniture. It calmed everything down and looked so good that we kept them on a lot longer than we had to.

91. Minneapolis loft
Fitted with twin mattresses, these World Market daybeds turn the living space into a guest room when needed. The walls of the charming loft are painted Silver White by Glidden.

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