101 home design ideas

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Home Design Ideas

How to decorate your home and dining room in modern bohemian style.
38. Think pink
Paint the inside of your lampshades a very pale pink. This will combat the cool light from those green fluorescent corkscrew bulbs.

59. Find new uses
Upholster an ottoman with carpeting. You could use an old kilim, a striped dhurrie, or something really wild like a David Hicks geometric.

30. Wow with window treatments
Purchase ready made window treatments and add something to them, like a trimmed edge or a contrasting fabric border. I like the stainless steel grommeted curtains from West Elm. Ive also tea dyed them or thrown the into a bath of Rit dye to make my own colors.

99. Functional style
The owners of this Tennessee home filled in the blanks with new upholstered furniture that wears relaxed, washable slipcovers. Although the family rooms Persian rug might look fancy, it secured its prime spot based on practicality. The pattern masks spills! the owner explains.

97. Wild west rustic
Cost Plus World Market bargains a leather sofa and armchair, and a coffee table furnish the living room in this Idaho cabin. The kilim rug is from Catherine Lane Interiors in Livingston, Montana. Floor to ceiling windows frame mountains in every direction, and squared, rather than rounded, logs create clean lined walls.

75. Sew your own slipcover
I like to make simple slipcovers for the square headboard on my bed. Just get a great piece of fabric, cut out a front and a back, and stitch them together. I might do white linen in the summer, velvet in winter.

24. Revive your bedroom
New bedding can make a bedroom feel fresh and new again. Areahome.com or dwellstudio.com have gorgeous and sophisticated patterns that wont empty your wallet. They even make baby bedding.

55. Make a tile collage
Instead of tiling a whole wall, just pick out a selection of tiles and arrange them on the wall. You can find beautiful old tiles at flea markets or architectural salvage stores.

1. Turn off the switch
De electrify your dining room. Put candles on the sideboard and in the sconces and even in your chandelier Marjorie Skouras makes one thats dripping with coral. So romantic. Who cares what you serve.

80. Paint the ceiling
Pick a predominant color from your room and paint the ceiling. It can be done in less than a day, and a can of paint is so cheap!

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