Christmas Decorating Ideas
Capture the magic of Xmas with rich colors, glittering lighting, and more inspiring 101 X.D.I.
1. Create a Warm Welcome
Our favorite way to light up the season is with a brilliant array of paper luminaries. Line them along front walks, driveways, and porches for a fiery Christmas display thats so simple to pull off.To create your own gleaming arrangement, generously cover the bottom of white paper bags with sand, which will keep them sturdy and stationary when exposed to the elements.

Arrange bags in desired positions, and then insert tea lights or battery operated LEDs.Bright Idea! For a twist, use a hole punch to create snowflake patterns, or adhere letter shaped stickers spelling out a holiday message such as NOEL or CHEERS to the bags.

2. Hang a Paper White Basket
Greet guests with a bright arrangement of seasonal paperwhites, heather, juniper, and moss in a planter that hangs directly on your front door.

3. Greet with a Garden Theme
Convey a cozy welcome with a garden inspired holiday decorating theme. Rustic aluminum containers on the door, porch, and stairs offer casual Christmas appeal when filled with herbs and bright accents, such as red amaryllis blooms and berries.

4. Merry Mailbox Topper
Top off a square mailbox with an abundant bouquet of winter plants. Fill a wide, shallow planter with a mix of pansies, flowering cabbage, cedar, fir, lavender, and rosemary trimmed to resemble a Christmas tree. Tuck in ornaments and oversize pinecones to add color and fill in gaps.

5. Try a Two Piece Wreath
Consider using a two piece wreath to adorn a double door entry. Start with a wreath that has a sturdy base so it will hold its shape. Fresh evergreen was used here, but a grapevine wreath will work just as well. Cut the wreath in half lengthwise with sturdy wire clippers. Use florist wire to attach evergreen clippings, fruits, and ribbons. Securely hang half of the wreath on each door so the two meet in the center when the doors are closed.

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