101 christmas decorating ideas

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Christmas Decorating Ideas

Capture the magic of Xmas with rich colors, glittering lighting, and more inspiring 101 X.D.I.
73. Decorate Your Own Cupcake Station
Bring out the kid in everyone with a decorate your own cupcake station. Serve vanilla and chocolate cupcakes on a table with assorted buttercreams and fun red and green Christmas toppings.

24. Use All Glittering Ornaments
Create a unified and sophisticated alternative to mismatched Christmas ornaments with glittering balls and stars in various finishes.

23. Fill Cylinders with Ornaments
Use spray paint to add a shimmery touch to pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments. Displayed en masse in tall glass vases, they become instant and easy Christmas accents.

4. Merry Mailbox Topper
Top off a square mailbox with an abundant bouquet of winter plants. Fill a wide, shallow planter with a mix of pansies, flowering cabbage, cedar, fir, lavender, and rosemary trimmed to resemble a Christmas tree. Tuck in ornaments and oversize pinecones to add color and fill in gaps.

25. Don t Forget the Staircase
Drape garland up the handrail of a staircase, and anchor it with gold bows for a Christmas welcome in the foyer.

22. Wrap Your Coffee Table
Transform a coffee table into a wrapped Christmas present by crisscrossing strands of ribbon over the top and sides for a giftlike effect. Silver family heirlooms add to the sparkly decorating theme.

34. Hang Twinkling Lights
Hang twinkling Christmas lights on a fountain or stone wall in the garden to create a striking winter focal point from your patio or porch. Even if it s too cold to entertain outside, you ll enjoy the soft cozy glow through the windows.

58. Hang Decorations in Windows
Adorn windows with a winter scene. A pair of cardinals perched on a birch log and fresh greenery add Christmas color to bare window sashes.

74. Create a Topiary That Belies Its Ease
Fast can be fabulous. If you can hold a bunch of lilies in your hand and wrap the stems with rubber bands, you can whip up a knockout arrangement that s ideal for your buffet. Start with a silver casserole dish. Gather 8 to 12 stems of Casablanca lilies in one hand, and cut stems so they re about 15 inches long. Wrap a rubber band around the stems at the top and another about 5 inches from the bottom. Insert the bundle into the center of a piece of water soaked florist foam fitted into a casserole dish. Wrap stems with crisscrossed ribbon to hide the rubber bands. Add evergreens to the florist foam, and tie on ornaments with wire.

5. Try a Two Piece Wreath
Consider using a two piece wreath to adorn a double door entry. Start with a wreath that has a sturdy base so it will hold its shape. Fresh evergreen was used here, but a grapevine wreath will work just as well. Cut the wreath in half lengthwise with sturdy wire clippers. Use florist wire to attach evergreen clippings, fruits, and ribbons. Securely hang half of the wreath on each door so the two meet in the center when the doors are closed.

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