101 christmas decorating ideas

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Christmas Decorating Ideas

Capture the magic of Xmas with rich colors, glittering lighting, and more inspiring 101 X.D.I.
44. Add Shine with Mercury Glass
Add a bit of shine to an organic look with oversize mercury glass balls, which can be used to adorn the Christmas tree or piled up in a basket by the fireplace. Their large size is unique and adds impact.

6. Drape Your Mailbox
Wrap sheer ribbon loosely around a pine garland and drape the garland around the mailbox. Wire clusters of bright nandina berries to the top of the post, and finish with a big bow for an eye catching Christmas flourish.

92. Create an Evergreen Centerpiece
Use a footed silver serving tray to display a sumptuous centerpiece with vintage ornaments and clippings from the garden. Start with Southern classics: boxwood, pine, and magnolia. Next add large ball ornaments, followed by crocosmia pods, pinecones, and abelia whose flowers have dropped, leaving a showy flourish of pink sepals on the tips of branches. Finish with delicate sprigs of evergreens, dried shelf mushrooms attached to florist picks, and smaller ornaments.

26. Hang Three Wreaths
Forgo the traditional single wreath on a front door and welcome Christmas guests instead with three miniature wreaths. Attached to a long piece of ribbon, the smaller wreaths are ideal for a glass front door.

18. Metallic Sparkler
Create an opulent feel without overwhelming the space by decorating your Christmas tree with a limited color scheme of silver, gold, and bronze.

90. Spray Paint Ornaments
Give traditional ornaments a monochromatic look by spray painting them all white. It s an easy way to update old ornaments or create an instant collection that feels familiar and loved.

94. Suspend the Tree Topper
Play off the abundance of round ornaments with a large paper lantern on top. Float the lantern by hanging it from a bow attached to the ceiling, letting the ribbon cascade down the tree for effect.

88. Make a Poinsettia Tree
To create a poinsettia tree, follow these instructions: First, cut the larger blooms, leaving about 6 inches of stem. Sear them quickly to stop sap from dripping out. Sap should bubble under the candle flame, and the ends of the stems will turn black. You may also need to sear the points where larger leaves were removed along the stems. Insert each seared stem into a water filled florist tube. Stems are hollow and will absorb water after being seared. Place the stems into the base of the ivy topiary. Then repeat this process with the medium size and smaller poinsettia blooms, cutting the stems so they re about 4 inches long. Insert blossoms into the topiary, working your way toward the top. Once it s complete, care is simple

101. Load on the Trimmings
Use several different shaped ornaments in shades of blue, cranberry, and silver. And make sure they all sparkle to truly light up the season! Then, find the glitziest beads you can (we used silver mica foam balls), and string them together with a needle and monofilament (fishing line).

12. Decorate Pendant Lights
Dress up pendant lights in a kitchen or over an island with garland. This kitchen allows plenty of room for entertaining. The open floor plan keeps the cook from being cut off from the festivities on Christmas morning.

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