Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas
The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
1. Carolyns bedroom makeover
Now that youve seen the peachy beige before photos, its time to talk about the design direction that our makeover was taking. Im an image hoarder, so I pulled open all the files that I had saved from the last few years and obsessed over them, looking for ideas. Join me on my journey.

2. A Boring Family Basement Gets a Modern Makeover
This family uses their basement for watching movies, playing, and hanging out together. The space satisfied many of these functions, but with its hodgepodge of furniture, beige walls, and random floorplan, it was less than inspiring. With the help of 6th Street Design School, this bland space was transformed to one with patterned wallpaper, bright colors, ample seating, and function specific areas.

3. The Unbreakable Decor of Kimmy Schmidt
Ive been watching Netflixs new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I love Kimmys youthful, colorful, and yet tailored style. The show is a visual treat, relying heavily on shades of pink, teal, purple, and yellow. Kimmys clothes and the apartment that she shares with Titus are effervescent, and even Mrs. Voorhees more sophisticated digs are light, modern, and graphic. Here are some colorful products that channel the unbreakable energy and spirit of the show.

4. Every color goes together
In a recent interview with Refinery29, Bradford Shellhammer of Bezar said, My whole thing is, every color goes together. I dont care. Itll complement or contrast. If you put every color in a room, its going to work. In honor of Bradfords bold statement and in defiance of every tenet youve heard about restricted color palettes, here are 10 rooms that embody this more is more when it comes to color philosophy.

5. Investigating decor styles
Did our style quiz return your results as Happy Modern? Welcome. Heres a primer on you! Didnt take the quiz yet? Get your results right here.

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