101 baby friendly decorations ideas

Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
65. Scubas open house
Stephen Scuba Clark bought his house five years ago, and in that five years, not a month has gone by that he hasnt managed to add significant and beautiful upgrades to his home. All of the projects are custom, designed by Scuba, and typically built by his roommate, Jeremy. Scubas passion for life and travel is obvious in every corner of his home.

56. Annies color splashed home
With a business called Bossy Color one naturally has a strong point of view when it comes to design. Enter Annie Elliott, the energetic designer behind Bossy Color Interior Design based in DC. When I photographed an interior project for one of Annies clients a few months ago, I had a hunch her own home would be a vibrant gem bursting with personality. And of course Annie and her sunny personality didnt disappoint.

73. Stylish pantry
Kelly had always envisioned using a sliding barn door in her house, and the pantry seemed like the perfect place. She had this door built from reclaimed pine that her contractor found at a nearby sawmill. Inside she stores an unlimited supply of snacks in glass jars and baskets so everybody can help themselves.

47. Lindsays lovely southern vintage home
My home was built in 1910 in the Victorian style. It is in the 12South neighborhood of Nashville aka, the best neighborhood in Nashville . I have lived here for three years, and during this time I have worked to completely restore and rehab the house.

72. Welcoming eat in kitchen
The big farmhouse table can easily seat a crowd, and comfy armchairs mean guests actually want to linger around the table when theyre done eating. Kids love coming over. Another mom told me its because Im the favorite mom, but I think its because the house is so inviting and easy to be in. Clearly the feeling is mutual. I love having everyone around, says Kelly. Theyre so full of life. Collaborating with her contractor, Bill Wennerberg, Kelly knocked out interior walls in the 18th century cottage to open up the main floor, creating an expansive kitchen perfect for pizza parties, with plenty of room in the pantry for snacks.

8. A christmas wish list
If a dollhouse is on your little ones Christmas wish list, and the thought of spending the next 4 years co habiting with a Malibu Barbie Beach house makes your eyes water, then never fear! Here are five incredible dollhouses, that all look lovely and some are even quite compact .

74. Comfy sitting room
Slipcovered pieces make this area off the kitchen kid and pet friendly. The sofa is dog Rileys favorite spot. The yellow table was a rescue. Kelly happened to spy it in her friends driveway, where it was en route to the dump, and instead hauled it home.

30. Bold black and white striped offices and decor
Stripes promote order and organization, and a classic black and white color combination demands to be taken seriously. So when a room can combine the two, the result is a workspace with great working mojo that oozes with style.

71. Popular hangout
On most days Kelly has a houseful of teenagers and only two of them are hers. I wanted the kind of house where my kids friends would always come over, she says. Boy, did she get her wish! Kelly McKennas kids, Bella, far right, Thomas, standing, and their friends use the table constantly. It didnt get nearly as much action when it lived in the dining room.

9. Bryants modest mid
I live in a 1955 Atomic ranch house, located beneath stately live oaks in balmy Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I bought this 1,160 square foot home just over two and a half years ago and was delighted to see that most of its original character had been left intact blonde brick, oak tile floors, wall of windows, sliding glass kitchen cabinets, phone recess, attic fan, car port, metal rimmed laminate counters, etc.

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