101 baby friendly decorations ideas

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Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
91. Halloween books
When used as props on a mantel or bookshelf, these cleverly wrapped books are fun additions to Halloween decor. Cut lengths of paper to wrap around the books, and fold the edges over the insides of the front and back covers. Decorate the spines with Halloween stickers. Dont forget the titles. Spell creepy book names along the spines using a stencil or print from a computer.

60. Leslis bright and beautiful farmhouse
We are only the second family to live in an old farmhouse, built in 1880, and an integral part in the development if the town of Greenwood, Va. The house was intact, but in sad, neglected shape when we moved in, as a rental nine years ago.

49. Splurge Save or Steal
This white scallop shaped pendant has a sweet shape, but the thin trim and brass touches keep it sophisticated and elegant. Amazon lists this light for $856 which, for many of us, is out of the realm of possibility. See what you can get thats similar, yet cheaper.

84. Camel color
Everyone thinks a family room needs to have dark upholstery because its where the kids hang out, but I didnt want to go too far with this camel color, designer Pat Healing of this family room in Scarsdale, New York. Only the cushions of the custom U shaped sectional are covered in Holland And Sherrys Rive Gauche mohair. The frame is upholstered in Dedars Giulio Cesare. Light colored pillows brighten it up even more, and can easily be switched out or cleaned.

3. The Unbreakable Decor of Kimmy Schmidt
Ive been watching Netflixs new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I love Kimmys youthful, colorful, and yet tailored style. The show is a visual treat, relying heavily on shades of pink, teal, purple, and yellow. Kimmys clothes and the apartment that she shares with Titus are effervescent, and even Mrs. Voorhees more sophisticated digs are light, modern, and graphic. Here are some colorful products that channel the unbreakable energy and spirit of the show.

82. Use an outdoor rug indoors
Theres no rule that says outdoor rugs cant be used indoors, too. Theyre easy to clean just hose down and dry in the sun. Another option is to use a rug thats meant for high traffic areas. For a San Francisco house designed by Ken Fulk, I wanted the house to be family friendly in every sense of the word whether that means a cousin visiting, kids in the dining room, or a dog from the neighborhood walking through, Fulk says.

35. Darling double desk design
Anyone else have one desk that fits two? Our children inherited this dual sided IKEA desk with two drawers from their father, so I put together a little mood board that could potentially fit equally well in the kitchen or bedroom.

28. Janes Heritage Contemporary in London
I would call my style heritage contemporary as I love mixing old and new. I have to have lots of colour in my home as it makes me happy. I dont stick to any design ethic, I just trust my eye to create a well designed livable space I have three kids so white everything wouldnt work!

90. Friendly Dracula and Cat Candy
Younger kids will get a kick out of helping to make and empty these sweet, colorful candy dispensers. Fill with a variety of treats to use as decoration, or hand out as favors at a Halloween party.

69. Quaint cape
It looks small but can host a bunch. When Kelly McKenna and her then husband bought the Duxbury, Mass., house in 1991, they had dreams of a head to toe reno. But it wasnt until 2010 that Kelly, a financial executive, had saved up enough money and decided to do the overhaul.

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