101 ideas to impress girls

Ideas to Impress Girls

Collection of various creative, powerful and amazing ideas to impress your loved one.
67. Risks are part of success
What's the worst that could happen? If a girl says no then you move onto the next one.

34. Learn some new skills
Learn musical instrument E.g women love men who play guitar.

63. Get help
Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it Learn to take on board the good advice and ignore the bad.

29. Get down the gym
Lift weights to bolster those muscles Women love guys who are in shape It's not that they are superficial, it's just having a nice body shows you care about yourself and will therefore care about them.

41. Have fun
Explore new places.

65. Get help
Also don't go OTT with learning This can can lead to paralysis by analysis Tho you should check out TSB Mag, they give away so much quality free information.

56. Improve your confidence
What's the worst that could happen? You get turned down and that's it Nothing major.

77. Become a master of flirting
Being a master flirt is a great way to attract women, especially at work and in social circles.

48. Recognise and utilise your strengths
Use the skills you have already to improve your chances.

24. Become adept at reading a girls body language
Knowing if you are creeping her out.

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