101 ideas to inspire you writing

Ideas to Inspire you Writing

No matter how much you are good in writing, there will always be time when you need inspiration.
If there is one constant in the universe, it is change. Think of a profound change or transformation that has occurred in your own life, then use it as the central theme for a piece more fiction and fantastic than fact. Be creative, and feel free to twist the change or transformation until it is wholly unrecognizable from the event that inspired it.

Consider for a moment a particle, a wave, an atom, a photon, or a neutron, and then consider what it might be like to be that thing if it were consciously aware of what was going on around it. Consider the human implications of all matter being compressed into a single one-dimensional point right before the big bang that flung everything out and created the universe (as if there were human thought, as if you were occupying the point along with countless others) and then take it a step further. Look for places in science and theory that seem alien and cold to you, places where no rational mind could logically project a human consciousness, and then go into it and play around with it. Become a quark for a day and discuss how irritating the subatomic bonds that hold you to your brothers are, or marvel in the long trip a photon takes toward Earth, only to miss it just barely and be sent on into the depths of space.

If you have a pet, (a cat, a dog, a snake, a chicken, etc.) take a moment to study them. Look at their features, their eyes– then write about them. Next, take it all a step further and write a story where the main character is a person that has all (or even just some) of those features!

Look at the ceiling where you are. Truly consider it, study it, and then think about what it would be like if it was suddenly your floor, if suddenly your own personal gravity (and nothing else's) were reversed! What would life be like on the ceiling? Would you have tea parties? Panic uncontrollably? Contemplate mantras of zen buddhism? How would this sudden change in gravity effect your personal life?

Think of the most beautiful and/or interesting place you've ever been to and then set a story there. It doesn't have to be the exact place (i.e. Tahoe, Vegas, Yellowstone, etc.) it can be a place that only exists in your mind, or even a place you've only seen before in pictures. Be creative, feel free to set any scene there, and remember– the only limits are the limits you impose on your own creativity.

Take a classic tale from any period (from the Odyssey to Ivanhoe or anything Dickens to anything Spielberg or Romero) and turn it on its head by thoroughly integrating some new element into it (as done in works like Pride and Predjudice and Zombies)

A man sits in a parking lot in a strange car that is so different from the norm that you can't help but notice it. What's his story? Describe the car. What does it look like? Where has it been? Does the car itself frighten you, disturb you– or does it make you happy? If you were to go out and talk to the man in the car, what would he say? What would you learn?

Secrecy is just another form of government regulation. Consider something unusual that the government might feel should be kept secret, (you can use the previous prompt for ideas) and then draw up a plan designed to keep it secret, including ways to "clean up" any security leaks which might eventually and inevitably occur. Now, imagine that it is your job to blow the lid on this secret– pen your story, regardless of whether it ends in revelation and triumph or defeat and tighter security measures.

Poke fun at a current social or political issue by taking the opposite stance from what you feel and using that side's own wit (or lack thereof) and "evidence" to undermine the position utterly. Many authors, including Johnathan Swift and Alexander Pope, have taken this same approach in many of their most famous works. It's effective, it's funny, and it makes a great way to get your point across while also cross examining the validity of the views your own ego holds so dear.

The lone wolf is a key character type that recurs in some form or another in every genre of fiction that has ever been printed or penned (even romance, though the loner might get snared eventually.) Create a piece of fiction that incorporates just such a character, either as the main driving force of the story, or as a character who interacts directly with the main character and in enough of a way that we can't help but watch him/her and be interested.

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